The Top 5 Kitchen DIY’s

26 Jan

I have been blogging for…7 years!? Holy cow, 7 years. And in 7 years I believe that I have managed to add a little value to the internet (not much, but a little bit). I noticed recently that some of my most useful posts have been swept under the rug so to speak. Many were published [...]

Make Your Own Frozen Pizza

23 Jan

I am ashamed to say that in the last year or so, our family has adopted a nasty habit: cheap frozen pizza. It’s a guilty pleasure sort of thing really. I mean, there is nothing more unhealthy than a $2 Tony’s pepperoni pizza, but when you get home late with two hungry kids and no [...]

Homemade Baking Mix

21 Jan

Convenience and good taste are rarely found together. Like tuna salad in a gas station, a party dress at the Dollar Store, or jewelry at Walgreens, store-bought baking mixes are very high on the list of things I will never buy. When I was a kid, all of our pancakes and waffles were made from [...]

Baked BBQ Potato Wedges

18 Jan

Nothing travels faster than fresh gossip in a small town. Even in today’s modern society with social media where you can stay more up-to-date on the world news through Twitter than the actual news channels, small town news still travels by word of mouth carried by the breeze from one person to another. This particular [...]

Teriyaki Turkey Meatball Stir-fry

13 Jan

I’m sure that I have mentioned this before, but I LOVE Asian food. Not only do I love how fast and fresh most Asian food can be, but I also love all of the sauces and condiments that go along with it. The Asian pantry is teeming with sauces, pastes, oils and vinegars that can [...]

Stuffed Flatbreads

7 Jan

A few months ago we were swimming in little puppies. A gift from a stray who wandered up to the house, the seven adorable spotted noses running around our carport pretty much consumed our life. Every morning we were greeted by tiny little canine barks and growls and little puppy paws chasing the laces of [...]

Buffalo Salad with Shoestring Fried Onions

4 Jan

I have to ease into the healthy eating of January. Even though the guilt and the elastic in my waistband is reminding me of all of the pie that I had for Christmas, I can’t just dive headfirst into a menu of green smoothies and power bars. After all it is the middle of Winter.It’s cold. [...]

Southwest Rice Bowls

1 Jan

Some would say that lunch is my life. Ok, maybe no one would say that, but sometimes I certainly think it. For the last year and a half I have been catering lunch to the fine folks of my small town and this has really forced me to explore the possibilities of the midday meal [...]

Creamy Lentil Soup

31 Dec

Every New Year brings with it a slew of new “resolutions” to our lips. “I’m going to lose weight.” “I’m going to save more money.” “I’m going to try more new things.” Any variety of these common promises can be heard throughout the country and I am here to offer you a food than can [...]

Mini Chicken Gyros

30 Dec

My first encounter with Greek food was in Chicago during a trip that seems like forever ago now. My friend, Renee, had been living there for a few years and I flew my pregnant self to Chicago for a “last-hoorah” kind of girls’ weekend. We went all over the place, but my favorite place was [...]

Maple Bacon Whiskey Wings

6 Oct

Fall is here and there are so many things to be thankful for; cooler weather, comfort food and football season are just a few. Although I look forward to the crisp fall air and the stews and braises of the season, I can’t say that I am a big football fanatic. It’s a shame really, [...]

Spring Frittata

2 Jun

We are loving Summer break. Mornings are quieter, easier. I haven’t yelled at anybody before 7 AM all week! There is no race to find shoes, pack lunches, or get home before bedtime. There are no set times for breakfast, lunch or dinner. While, my husband and I certainly still have jobs to go to [...]

Spring Potato Salad

17 May

  “Simplicity” is the best advice I can give to those wanting to know how to create delicious food. Very often as humans we tend to over think things, making our lives much more difficult than they have to be. This can often be seen in the kitchen where we feel we must marinade, mince, [...]

Roasted Veggie and Lentil Salad

15 May

Dieting makes me angry. The moment you tell me I can’t have something then that is all my mind can think about. Every “diet” I have ever tried, read, or thought about really hard has taken something that I love to eat away. And everyone one of them ended with me shoving my face full [...]

Raspberry Salad

12 May

I realize that it has been many many months since I have posted any new recipes on this site. What can I say? Life is crazy! I have been cooking and writing though. You can find my recipes every week at I am going to try to post past articles here, too. Y’all enjoy [...]

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