Italian Braised Short Ribs

1 Feb

My husband and I have been working on our own little project. It’s been going on for the last 6 or 7 months and was brought on by the rising cost of cheap cuts of beef. Cuts that, 5 years ago, most folks didn’t know existed. We have seen some of our favorites such as […]

Nannie’s Soft Molasses Cookies

18 Dec

Cookies are my weakness. If a cookie and I walked alone into a room, the chances are that only one of us would be leaving that room…and it wouldn’t be the cookie. I’m not even picky about what kind of cookies I prefer to fatten myself up with. I am a sucker for the ever […]

Sweet Potato Biscuits

11 Dec

Biscuits are a rite of passage for many Southern women. It’s a skill passed down from generation to generation, a vessel for learning many of life’s lessons. My mother imparted her own wisdom to me through the art of making biscuits. As a small child, Mom taught me to measure the flour, cut in the […]

Easy Turkey Taco Soup

25 Nov

Time is a precious commodity at our house and squeezing in quality time at the holidays is a juggling act that I stink at. The phone is always ringing and there is always some place we have to be in an hour. My grand plans for cute little homemade gifts for everyone who has touched […]

Wine-y Cranberry Salad

24 Nov

Few things are more controversial in the South than libations. It’s certainly not uncommon for people to be on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to imbibing, and I know convincing people to believe otherwise on the issue is about as effective as digging a hole with a wet noodle. But as this […]

Duchess Baked Sweet Potatoes

23 Nov

The first Thanksgiving meal that I cooked was for my parents in the first apartment that my new husband and I shared. It was just the four of us, but I cooked like I was feeding an army of people. I must have had 10 side dishes plus a ham, and a turkey, and dessert. […]

Broccoli and Greens Gratin

31 Oct

Culinary ruts happen in every household. It’s why there are millions of cookbooks in print, thousands of food blogs written every day, and an untold amount of time-weathered index cards shoved into recipe boxes in kitchens across the world. The “same ol’, same ol’ “ is just part of cooking. It’s no different in this […]

Sage Roasted Turkey Breast

28 Oct

Over time the enormous family reunion style Thanksgiving of my past has given way to a much smaller and more intimate holiday table. And although I miss the big, loud Thanksgivings of days gone by, I cannot say that I miss the marathon -like cooking and dirty dishes that goes along with it. I have […]

Quick and Easy Chocolate Halloween Bark

22 Oct

  A few weeks ago, our daughter threw us for a loop when she stated that, this year, she may be “too old” to go trick-or-treating. That one simple sentence crushed me more than I could have ever imagined. I wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of emotions as I looked at my nearly nine-year-old daughter who, […]

Ham and Cabbage Soup

16 Oct

Whenever I see or smell cabbage soup, I think about a brief moment in time (late 80’s perhaps?) when my parents dove head first into the “Cabbage Soup Diet” phenomenon. They had successfully kicked the smoking habit and were now determined to lose a few pounds and declare themselves in optimum health and cabbage soup […]

Cinnamon Pumpkin Muffins

10 Oct

You can learn a lot of things from a kitchen remodel. For instance you can learn simple things like, your small kitchen houses no fewer than 19 doors, 7 drawers and 26 pulls that have to be either painted or replaced. You can learn, too, that when picking out the color yellow, there is a […]

Roasted Poblano and Corn Chowder

1 Oct

  Although driving into the city every day is now part of my life, I still do the majority of our grocery shopping in our small, local grocery stores. While I would love to say that I solely shop there because I want to make sure to support my community and its businesses, it’s mostly […]

Top 5 soups for Fall

26 Sep

The beginning of Fall begs for soup. Those first cool days and even cooler nights are practically made for curling yourself around a comforting, steaming bowl of goodness. Soups are economical and generally pretty easy to put together. Ever since the kids changed their mind about the goodness of soup a couple of years ago, […]

Chipotle Roast Beef Wrap

23 Sep

The small catering business that I ran up until the beginning of this year seems like a million years ago now. All of those early mornings and long days and nights toiling away in the kitchen to get ready for some breakfast or lunch or dinner the next day were a lot of hard work. […]

Chicken Enchiladas

21 Sep

There are times in our lives when we come to realize just how much this “adulthood” thing really stinks. At this point in my life, I can almost smell Murphy’s law coming down the road. Anything that can happen, will happen, and at the worst possible moment. This has happened to us enough in our […]

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